• HVLS Ventilation

  • • Eurovent Fan is devoted in conducting  research, development and production of a new generation of ventilation and cooling products. We also provide customized perfect solutions for ventilation and cooling as well as pre-sale and after-sale service support. Eurovent brand has far-reaching international influence and has been always leading the rapid development of HVLS industry by its advantages of international advanced technology and market recognition. Our destiny is to bring benefit to the customer and let the world be greener and the environment better.

    • Eurovent Fan pay great attention to product development and innovation and is far ahead in the industry, it had passed the high-tech enterprises certification and has ten utility model patents as well as two invention application, and they are involving HVLS fan‘s technology, safety, structure, installation and so on. Eurovent FANS passed the ISO9001:2015 certification and had firstly passed the CE (SGS), CCC, EMS and the stringent certificates of National Quality Supervision Bureau, also, we established long-term strategic cooperation with numerous international first-class supplier so that to ensure the high quality of products.

    Large Energy Saving Fan Introduction

    • It is EUROVENT FANS’s honor to introduce this HVLS fans to you (High Volume–Low Speed, large air flow, slow speed of revolution) EURO-V  super large energy saving fan, which is a huge ceiling fan with  max diameter of 7.3 meters.

    • EUROVENT Airfoil Blades, which are streamlined, are developed with the advanced technologies and the principle of aerodynamics. With a power of 1.5KW or less, the blade is able to drive a mass of air but the revolving speed is only 55 RPM. Also, it makes the natural wind system with ultra-large area, which leads to the double function of ventilation and temperature reduction. Compared to the traditional HVAC conditioner and small high-speed air blower, the fan is superior in application, and that makes it immaculate for the large space to ventilate and reduce temperature.

    • EUROVENT fan, which produce the best breeze effect which most accord with human body feeling through accurate calculation of the overall design. It has Soft wind and large coverage area. In practical applications, people will feel that the temperature reduced by 5-8 . Every fan's power consumption is only 1.5 KW which costs only 12 KWH by running eight hours a day. The fan is beautiful, durable, free of maintenance and can bring you the double efficacy of ventilation and cooling .

    Application Features,

    > Factory         > Ware House     > Exhibition Hall

    > Hospital        > Food Court      > Airport

    > University      Work Shop      > Community Mall

    > Garage         > Showroom       > Farm


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