• Aluminium Blower

  • Aluminium Blowers (made of Cast Aluminium housing and Aluminium Impellers) is one of the specialized products at Eurovent blower for niche market. Aluminium Blowers finds its use in various industries such as Food & Beverages, Chemical industries, Textile Industries, Plastic processing Industry etc., for numerous applications which includes Vacuuming, Drying, Cooling, Material Transport etc.


    1. Lower power consumpsion Save Energy

    2. New Design High efficiancy Impeller Light weight

    3. Protection Guard

    4. High Grade Aluminium Die-Casting


    Model Series

    MA : Backward impeller / Direct drive

    MAb : Backward impeller / Belt drive

    MAb Biogas : Backward impeller / Belt drive

    MSR : Open blade impeller for conveying (open casing design) / Direct drive


    Product detail

    • Belt cover : High Grade Aluminium Die-casting

    • Belt : Belt Drive Type For increase the Pressure

    • Motor : TEFC, IP55 Motor

    • Cooling Fan : Suitable For High Temperature

    • Impeller : New Desing Light Weight High Efficiency

    • Opening Casing : Tight Lock Easy To Maintenance


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