• High-pressure fans

  • High Pressure Fans

    Eurovent's high pressure fans are at work in as many diverse applications. Clean air applications include combustion air, air drying primary air ejectors, and product cooling. This fan can handle pneumatic conveying systems. The PA fan is ideal for corrosive exhaust, air pollution systems and chemical processing. By adding FRP wheel and housing liners, Eurovent's PA fans easily handle abrasive materials. In particular, fans with FRP are extremely effective in corrosive gases, a stainless steel wheel and housing is available.

    Double Stage Fans

    Eurovent double stage fans use for the suction of clean and dusty air. These types of fans with doubles stage, are characterized by a high output which allows a certain saving of electric power; by using special types of fan wheels with inverted blades (negative). They are used for giving oxygen to impure waters, for pneumatic conveyances, in cement factories, in the mills, in dye works (for the quick drying wool), in ceramic factories (for the pneumatic cleaning of the rooms), in chemical, iron and metallurgical industries where small and medium capacities with very high pressure are required.


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